Challenging your problem solving skills to accept failure

Amal Academy comes with an interesting challenge for us to collect funds for the Edhi Welfare Organization. This task was assigned to us to learn how to accept fear of failure in life.


Circle 1& 4 collaborated with each other for this task. We made a strategy that in the first week we collect donations from our friends, family members and neighbors and in the second week, we will go Packages Mall for collecting donation.

To be honest, it was a very diverse experience of collecting the funds. One experience that I learned from this activity was that when you asked people to donate money for social causes they made many excuses and you got rejection from those whom you never expected. We met with every type of person. Some of them made fun of us and some of them encouraged and appreciated us. Where we felt honored, we were self-sabotaged as well. It was a great team work. Everyone played its own significant role in this task.

We have collected the funds individually as well as in a group. Surely, there is a huge difference in both. Individuals when you face rejection and people demotivate you, there is no one who supports you and gives confidence to you. But when you worked in a group and faced any failure or rejection, you had your team there to hold you and cheer you up.

Team work

The challenges we faced were rejection from our near ones, not getting replies and some made fun of our work. We were threatened by the minor management of the area. We were asked about the authorizations. We were bullied at some extent. We also came to know about the different angles of rudeness.

When we went to the Mall regarding this purpose. We went to the management department and requested them to give us permission. They asked for written form proof and allow us for only two hours to do this activity. When we started, we were mentioning “Management Granted us the permission for that” in our request line. People took this as a professional manner and they were making excuses and we were not able to convince them. The Branch Managers were continuously verifying the management for this. We discussed in a team and removed that part from our request line and asked for donations at a Man-to-Man level by making them feel safe and free. We managed to receive great donations by making a very friendly environment with the people which we were lacking being professional.

First person who appreciate us and gave donation
Collection from mall


Accepting failure is a great thing. We faced rejection from those whom we hoped the most. We learned the lesson that words matter the most, how you represent the request line. You need to be very humble. People are not entitled to give you a penny, it’s you who is going to convince them to donate for the unheard.

Thank You Amal for giving this task. This really helped us to come out from our comfort zone and to face real life rejection and failure.

My team:

  1. Waleed Ullah Wahlah
  2. Sibtain Maqsood
  3. Muhammad Faizan
  4. Mariam Qamar
  5. Hira Naveed
  6. Ayesha Khan

Completed my Master in Computational Physics from University of the Punjab